Failure to thrive (FTT) and Weight Gain Strategies:

Have you been told your child is underweight or FTT? Are you struggling to feed your child? Are you worried about providing nutrition to promote weight gain? FTT and difficulties gaining weight effects many young children and infants. It results from either an organic cause (a known health condition) or an inorganic cause (no known health condition). 

Some children experience increased energy expenditure and/or decreased energy intake, which results in poor weight gain and growth. NutriKidz will help to monitor your child's nutrition, growth, weight gain, and provide you with strategies to promote catch up growth and weight gain.

... I felt much more informed after consulting with Andrea and felt that I could ask any question without judgement. My daughter is 11 months old and she is finally steadily gaining weight, thanks to NutriKidz and Andrea!
— Suzy W.

Weight Loss Strategies:  

Are you or your child concerned about their weight?  Are you at a loss as to how to help them? Obesity rates in Canada continue to rise and have reached epidemic proportions. NutriKidz will assess your child's current growth and weight patterns, thoroughly review their diet history and activity level.  

NutriKidz will provide your child with customized lifestyle changes to support a healthy diet and overall wellbeing. NutriKidz will teach about label reading, hidden sources of fat, sugar, and sodium, and how to make healthier choices in the grocery store, cooking at home, and eating out. 

Weight Maintenance Strategies:

Has your child recently lost weight? Are you worried your child may gain that weight back or fall into old habits? Is this something the whole family needs help with?

NutriKidz will provide you and your child with practical advice the entire family will benefit from. NutriKidz teaches healthy lifestyle changes, which incorporates physical activity and healthy eating for the entire family to promote weight maintenance.