Spicing up your infant's diet

The foods that are typically introduced to infants around 6 months of age, are pureed, soft, and mushy in consistency, and they tend to be quite bland (from an adult's perspective). To your infant, these bland foods awake their taste buds that have been happily feeding breastmilk and/or formula for the last 6 months. Infants may dive in and become an excellent eating, while others are a little more cautious of these new foods, flavours, and textures, and not be as willing to open up for them.

As time goes on, the bland foods may no longer peak their interest, or appetite, so parents are often wondering; can I add spices to my baby's diet? The answer is yes! 

Adding herbs and spices to foods helps to enhance the flavour without adding unnecessary salt and sugar. The types of spices you add though, may need to be offered in small doses. A small amount of cinnamon mixed with oatmeal and apples or oregano mixed with pasta may be the perfect amount of extra flavour, while you may be thinking it can hardly be noticed! It's important to start off slowly, offering new flavours every 3-5 days, and based on your child's reaction, increasing or decreasing the spice level.

For more information, check out the full article from Global News here: Babies can start eating spices after 6 months